Uterus & I Against the World

At a certain point in the first trimester of my pregnancy, I grew some nuts and told my self-pity to bugger off. I wiped the barf from my mouth with my sleeve - like a MAN - and said "Fuck it. Let's do this shit." (which, let's be honest, is probably what got me into this situation in the first place).

After a tiny stint at the emergency room for a bit of bleeding (everything was fine, something about the placenta freaking out) and having a long conversation with my doctor, I realised something:

My uterus and I were being asked to do a herculean task: to protect the nugget from my immune system.

I'm no scientist, and I was kinda only half listening to my doctor, but my understanding is this:

It's the human immune system's job to protect the body against foreign substances. Therefore, upon embryo implantation, your immune system gets all confused and tries to get rid of the foreign substances  i.e. your foetus and the placenta, which both express antigens that are disparate from your own.

It takes a while for your immune system to get its shit together and stop trying to fuck up what everything else in your body is working extremely hard to make. At some point, the immune cells are told to back off and leave the developing foetus be.

So, by my logic, what he was saying was simple -  my uterus and I were freakin' superheros. We were two dark knights put on this planet to protect the nugget from the vice and villainy of my immune system.

And by God, we fought like hell.

When my first ultrasound came around (don't worry, I'm not going to show it to you, I'm aware that people only really want to see those things if you're having something awesome, like a Velociraptor), I cried. Like - I cried like a maniac. It was partly because it was emotional to see, but mostly, it was because I felt like I had done it, I had made a life and I am going to get to keep it. My uterus and I fought like hell for the nugget, and it survived.


  1. I am so over-the-moon excited for you and your nugget. And the velociraptor comment made me pee a little (which is a result of having 3 nuggets). Best wishes on a wonderful pregnancy.

  2. What the fuck? My eyes are welling up over this post. I wish I were joking. It MUST be close to that monthly time...or something. Well done on keeping the nugget safe!

  3. So funny! I'm 29 weeks in right now with baby #2 ... I relate. But no new posts since November ... Hope everything is ok.

  4. Me three I love the wit its about all that can make me smile when the realworld makes you shit your pants.

  5. I miss your blogging! Hope all is well with the fetus/baby (I'm no good at math...has it been 9 months?!)